Corporate Catering

If taking your team to the next level is top of your agenda, feed the minds that make amazing happen.

We’ve gained a reputation for being one of the best corporate caterers in the region.
We banish the bland buffet. We’re producing nutritional, healthy, good-for-the-mind foods that’ll keep your team focussed far beyond lunch.

Things have changed. Morale and health matters.

As some of us return to work, we’re coming with a new outlook on life. Self-care matters. And it starts with what we eat.

Your team needs the right fuel to function, and it’s your responsibility to provide it.
We create plates overflowing with nutritious ingredients that your team’s taste buds, and body, will love.

And our menu is for everyone. We provide options for those with food allergies and dish up imaginative vegan, vegetarian, gluten and dairy-free alternatives.

How nutritious food can increase productivity

Increases energy and focus

Provide your body with the vitamins, minerals, and whole foods it needs, and it’ll power you through the toughest of days. Healthy and energised teams are focused, and that makes them effective. 

Promotes creativity and reduces stress

Good food brings people together, breaks the ice, and encourages conversation. And, the right vitamins and healthy work culture can elevate mood, lower anxiety, and promote creativity.

Helps with employee retention

It’s not easy to attract top talent, don’t lose them with poor lunch choices. Employees appreciate working in an environment where their wellbeing is prioritised and company values are exercised.